Judy has worked for me as an Executive Assistant and bookkeeper. In those roles, she dealt directly with customers, suppliers, service providers, stockbrokers, investors, directors and others on a wide variety of issues. Judy was responsible for and controlled all aspects of the functioning of our office. She implemented detailed accounting systems for five corporations and a limited partnership, provided monthly financial reports and prepared year-end financial statements for all companies.

These financial statements were subsequently reviewed by our chartered accounting firm and not one material adjustment was made to the statements. Indeed, the accounting firm went out of its way to complement the quality of her accounting work.
During the time she worked in our office, Judy reorganized and vastly improved the office filing system, planned and organized a partners’ conference in Banff and coordinated a number of directors meetings for public companies.

She also prepared detailed reconciliations of complicated stock trading activities, prepared minutes of meetings, compiled packages of information for investors, organized travel plans and coordinated a wide variety of other activities.
Throughout the time that Judy worked for me, she demonstrated incredible initiative, enthusiasm and dedication, a high level of competence and a very strong work ethic.

Judy is intelligent, professional, conscientious, inquisitive, independent and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her to any business looking for any of the above mentioned types of services.