I have known Judy professionally and personally for over 15 years now.  Until 2010 we kept in touch and always met at tax season and every year she would save my butt on my personal tax return.  Then I was contracted by a large company to build mines in Turkey (and subsequently Guyana and other various places in the world).  I quickly incorporated, met with Judy, and we formulated a plan of all my financial and legal dealings be handled with Kelowna Bookkeeping Co.  She helped me find the right accountant, oversees all of my business requirements, and has made my life so simple. 

My trust in this woman is beyond words.  She is the most trustworthy person I have ever met and I take all of her advice.  She has complete control over all of my banking, she is a director of my company and I trust her with my life.  We have become friends but first and foremost it is business.  I feel very fortunate to call Judy a true friend and a very professional women, Eshala!! (means god willing). It’s so comforting to know that I have Judy on my team!!