Kelowna Bookkeeping Endorsements

Judy has worked for me as an Executive Assistant and bookkeeper.  In those roles, she dealt directly with customers, suppliers, service providers, stockbrokers, investors, directors and others on a wide variety of issues.  Judy  was responsible for and controlled all aspects of the functioning of our office.  She implemented detailed accounting systems for five corporations and a limited partnership, provided monthly financial reports and prepared year-end financial statements for all companies.  These financial statements were subsequently reviewed by our chartered accounting firm and not one material adjustment was made to the statements.  Indeed, the accounting firm went out of its way to complement the quality of her accounting work. During the time she worked in our office, Judy reorganized and vastly improved the office filing system, planned and organized a partners’ conference in Banff and coordinated a number of directors meetings for public companies.  She also prepared detailed reconciliations of complicated stock trading activities,  prepared minutes of meetings, compiled packages of information for investors, organized travel plans and coordinated a wide variety of other activities.

Throughout the time that Judy worked for me, she demonstrated incredible initiative, enthusiasm and dedication, a high level of competence and a very strong work ethic.  Judy is intelligent, professional, conscientious, inquisitive, independent and a pleasure to work with.  I would highly recommend her to any business looking for any of the above mentioned types of services.

Myron Tetreault
Chairman, Calafate Holdings Ltd.

Judy has an amazing talent for getting down to it and making sense of my financial world in a way that inspires confidence and trust that I have everything in order.  Judy saves me sleepless nights by taking care of my financial business, so that I can focus on what is important to me in my business.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Beth Veenkamp
Constructing Life Coaching

When our business was only a few months old we realized we needed a bookkeeper to help us set up our books.  We contacted a friend of a friend who was trying to establish a bookkeeping business.  We thought helping him out would in turn help us out.  How wrong was the decision!  After a few months of waiting for our boxes or receipts to be posted, we learned that he really didn’t know any more than we did when it came to bookkeeping for our business.  We then checked out possible bookkeepers on the internet and came across Kelowna Bookkeeping Co.  Little did we know then how valuable that find was! 

Judy organized our whole bookkeeping system and got everything posted and up to date.  We now know how important it is to use the services of a bookkeeper who really has the knowledge and experience to do the job.  Judy is professional, friendly and knowledgeable.  She cares about her clients and treats their business as if it was her own.  I’d highly recommend her services to anyone.

Barb Taylor
The Wedding Cafe

Kelowna Bookkeeping Co. is the best! Judy Rheault is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We hired her to do our bookkeeping and during that time she mentored me in becoming more proficient in QuickBooks while she over saw our books on a monthly basis. Judy’s company is very professional and the best at what they do. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a bookkeeper.

Janice Taylor

I have known Judy Rheault first professionally and then personally for over ten years.  Her bookkeeping skills are outstanding.  She is diligent and pays great attention to detail.  She also has a great understanding of investment and business needs as well.  Judy is enthusiastic, upbeat and very friendly.  Her enthusiasm and passion inspired me to learn bookkeeping.  I would recommend Judy Rheault for all of your bookkeeping/business needs.

Laurie McKendry
Lauron Enterprises

We hired Judy when we were knee deep in a sea of papers and no idea what do do. Our business structure is complicated with both USA and Canadian operations. We had multiple corporations which Judy was able to streamline and even recover errors from previous tax work. The most impressive trait about Judy is that she treats our business like her own and she is an important part of our team. She cares about the growth of our business and is very experienced in systems and structures that empower us as business owners. Because of her guidance, we now understand how our business works and how it is organized, without having to be burdened with tasks we’d rather not do. I can’t imagine where we’d be without her, frankly!

Monica & Norbert Orlewicz
Massiff Marketing Inc.

Judy has been amazing. She cares about my company, not just about making a buck. She has given me a lot of tips and advice on starting my business. Since my company is run out of my home and I have a baby, Judy will come to me at my convenience. Judy has been a huge asset to my company and an excellent resource. I highly recommend her for any of bookkeeping needs!

Kendra Jesperson
Xenja Wear

I would like to thank Judy at Kelowna Bookkeeping Co. for getting me out of a bind.  Five  years in overdue taxes and she managed to get me money back! Her expertise and advice have also helped me with starting my new company. She knows business so had very helpful suggestions and great contacts. Very professional, honest and quick.

Thank you, I look forward to working with you in the future!

Rupert Piper
Gulf Stream Aviation Services

I have known Judy professionally and personally for over seven years now.  Until a little over two years ago we kept in touch and always met at tax season and every year she would save my butt on my personal tax return.  A couple of years ago I was contracted by a large company to build mines in Turkey.  I quickly incorporated, met with Judy, and we formulated a plan of all my financial and legal dealings be handled with Kelowna Bookkeeping Co.  She helped me find the right accountant and has made my life so simple. 

My trust in this woman is beyond words.  She is the most trustworthy person I have ever met and I take all of her advice.  She has complete control over all of my banking, she is a director of my company and I trust her with my life.  We have become friends but first and foremost it is business.  I feel very fortunate to call Judy a true friend and a very professional women, Eshala!! (means god willing). It’s so comforting to know that I have Judy on my team!!

Bill Pulford
Nuri Construction/Consulting Ltd.

Judy has been a wealth of knowledge to me in both my personal and home business taxes.  She explains everything clearly and in layman’s terms.  I would recommend her to anyone who needs their books professionally done.

Donna Hewitt

Judy has been an integral part of my business for the last few years, organizing and implementing a much needed strategic plan.  Her wealth of tax knowledge has kept my business on track and functioning to its highest potential.

Judy does not compromise the integrity of her accounting; instead, she endeavors to implement the best strategies possible for individual situations. Her communication skills make it easy to comprehend her approach to your requirements. Judy has an exceptional personality and has become a true friend.

Darlene Brule
Kelowna Signature Business Connexion

Judy provides fast friendly service. I feel very confident with her knowledge and expertise in bookkeeping and trust that my financial records are accurately prepared. I have and will continue to recommend Judy’s services.

Carol Wardley

Judy has been responsible for taking care of my book keeping for many years now. When I first met with Judy I felt an immediate sense of ease.  She was helpful and educating with the direction, start up and organization of my business activities. 

Judy has an extensive knowledge of the taxation system, her customer service is outstanding and her passion for what she does is seen in her strong work ethic and meticulous attention to detail. I am extremely happy with the results Judy has provided for me and I would recommend her to all.

Julia Priest

Judy is the best – she is professional, quick, and asks questions not all of us would think of to make sure you are getting as much money back as possible.

Amber Jones

I have known Judy Rheault for many years and have witnessed her superlative organizational skills and efficiency when she was the Regional Developer and on the Board of Directors of IPBC of which I was a member.

Judy is a warm, personable go-getter who will go that extra mile for any client and will complete any task in a timely and accurate manner.If you are looking for knowledgeable, experienced assistance with your company there is no one who would perform the task better than Judy.

Dawn Parrott
Ascribe Bookkeeping Services

I was referred to Judy through a friend who has used her bookkeeping services for a few years.  When I met her she was personable, professional, and knowledgeable.  After reviewing my data, Judy advised I had a challenging tax file due to my circumstances.  She invested a great deal of time and energy doing the needed research on my file and she helped to rectify problems created in my previous year’s tax filing completed by another provider.  

She is thorough, prompt, and a very conscientious bookkeeper.  To top it off, Bingo, I received a refund instead of having to pay the tax man – that made my tax year!!  She knows her stuff and you won’t be disappointed with her customer service.  I have referred friends to her since and they, too,  have had the same positive experience.

Lise Maggs, BBA
Residential/Commercial Inspector

Kelowna Bookkeeping has done a fantastic job organizing and staying on top of our business finances.  Judy has a wealth of experience and knowledge that benefits us immensely and her attention to detail has saved the day more than once.  We’re happy to have Judy and Kelowna Bookkeeping on our side!

David Biglow
Cherry Hill Coffee

As the owner of a small writing and editing business, I am thrilled to have discovered Judy Rheault. Her industry knowledge, insightful advice, organization, and efficiency are incredible, as are the results she achieves.  Not only did she save me thousands of dollars in taxes — she also explained the process clearly.  She gave me a much better understanding of what I could and could not claim, and she was right on all counts.  She made the process simple and painless.  Beyond her expertise, she is also a delightful person who is such a pleasure to work with. 

I highly recommend Kelowna Bookkeeping!

Joanna Cockerline, B.A., M.A.
Writer, Editor, and Writing Consultant

Judy Rheault provided great leadership as a Regional Developer when she was on the Board of Directors of IPBC.  The regional meetings were informative and allowed members to network during and afterwards if desired.

Ken Jaschke
Owner of Financial Data Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Judy was fantastic! Ive dealt with numerous other accountants but had yet to find someone as efficient and caring as her. She was prompt and was able to get me the best tax breaks. I know i can count on her and am confident she always take great care when doing my taxes.

Ashley Piper

I’ve known Judy Rheault for four years now.  She’s helped me with not only with doing my books but making sure that I understand what she’s doing and how to improve the financial side of my business.  She doesn’t sugarcoat it, she tells it like it is which is exactly what I like with a person that is looking after the financial and best interest of my company.  I would highly recommend her to any of my employees, clients, friends and family.

Jesse Gray
New Age Tile and Stone

I have been with Kelowna Bookkeeping since shortly after I started my business in 2008. With some business schooling I had originally decided that I could handle the books myself. I quickly learned that time is money and I was wasting both stressing about bookwork when I needed to be focusing on my customers. 

After meeting with Judy, the decision to utilize Kelowna Bookkeeping was easy and instantly brought my great peace of mind. I think everyone needs a Judy, someone professional that saves you time, someone you can trust. Judy has passion for what she does and always goes above and beyond which is what makes her more than just a bookkeeper.

Jessie Grant
Gas Pedals Custom Tattooing

Dear Judy Rheault O/A Kelowna Bookkeeping Co.,

I’d like to thank you for the tremendous work you provided in preparing and filing my business and personal taxes.

Being a healthcare provider has its own unique challenges that I enjoy taking on, every day in practice. However, also being a sole proprietor means that I also have the challenge of managing the business side of things.  Managing my business finances are one of the least favorite things to do, mostly because my education didn’t adequately prepare me for all the detailed work and planning that goes into it.

Judy, you basically “held me by the hand” and helped make sense of the financial aspect of my business and how that factors into tax planning.  You listened to my needs (and rants), but ultimately eased my anxiety.  You also helped educate me on other areas of tax planning which have no doubt saved me a lot in taxes this year.  Now I actually look forward to looking at my business finances which ultimately shows that my business is financially successful!  And that paying taxes is not necessarily a bad thing, but paying more tax then you should is.

I look forward to working with you in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to refer you to my family, friends, and colleagues.  I know they would be in great hands.

Best regards,

Dr. Jeff Barnett
Orchard Chiropractic & Wellness

The most reliable and valuable advisors in your life are the people you trust.  Judy Rheault took on the challenge of my 2010 sole proprietor income tax return without a hitch. Judy assisted me and my business in managing wealth and profitability, planning cash flow, and minimizing taxes. She offered complete solutions for tax return preparation.  I will continue to use her services in the future as I can count on her each and every time.

Andrea Migotto
Professional Organizer, Motorcycle Instructor and Partylite Consultant

I began transferring all of my bookkeeping to Judy over a year ago. I hold over 60 real estate investments within 6 corporations.  Many of these holdings have joint venture agreements . In a matter of two months Judy was able to organize these corporate holdings and begin to provide me with accurate and on time quarterly statements. She has proven to be a great asset for me and is affordable and reliable. 

I would highly recommend her for your accounting needs.  Recently Judy recovered a $6900 error in my favour. Thanks again for never assuming!, and checking the math!, and watching my back!!

Dr. Gary Thomson
Nucca Kelowna

I just want to say that I found Judy’s patience and professionalism to be top notch. She made me feel as though I was more than just a customer. Her service is punctual and so helpful in getting my books in order. I look forward to working with Judy in the future.

Terry Slack Inc.

Judy is a true Ninja Bookkeeper. She is professional, organized and knows all the ins and outs of taxes. She has been invaluable to our business. I would highly recommend her and refer many clients and fellow business owners to utilize her services. Judy is amazing.

Erika Checkley
Don’t Look Down Tattoo

I’ve been utilizing Judy’s tax services since my 2010 returns. She’s been fast, accurate and very knowledgeable.  She’s super friendly too!

Meagan Harvey

It has been my pleasure to have been associated with Judy Rheault for the past six years. I have found her passionately knowledgeable in her field which has helped me to educate myself in a field that has been quite foreign to me. I see her care and forethought as a service quality that is not so common out here these days. I would not hesitate to recommend Judy’s services knowing her best is a standard she works by.

Deanne Dorosh
Entrepreneur/Business Woman

As a Chartered Accountant, I often collaborate with bookkeepers on client files.  I highly recommend Judy Rheault and her business, Kelowna Bookkeeping Co., to any business owner who’s looking for a friendly and knowledgeable bookkeeping professional.  I can always count on Judy to get the job done and to do it well.  If you’re looking for someone you can trust your business needs to, call Judy. 

Jason Owen, CA

The service is above and beyond what I expected at Kelowna Bookkeeping Co. Judy has always returned calls, texts, and emails right away and answered every question I have had. I feel confident that my business will only grow faster and I can give my customers the same great service that Judy gives hers.

With Kelowna Bookkeeping Co. looking after my books frees up so much time that I can now devote to my business.

Victor Flint

Judy has been our bookkeeper the last 2 1/2 yrs. She is very knowledgeable in her job and works well with our accountant. She does go above and beyond in her job and is always smiling! Thank you Judy! We appreciate all you do for us.

Sandra & Stu Brown

Judy is an amazing businesswoman and a great teacher! She helped me put in practice and enhance everything I learned in business school, and she taught me what business in the real world is like.

I am really thankful that I met her!

Beata Deak

I am so glad and thankful that I met Judy and had her help me out with all my bookkeeping needs. Her professionalism and expertise is beyond measure. I highly recommend her!

Attila Deak

Judy Rheault, CPB, can be reached by phone at (250) 870-4554, or via email at judy(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)


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